About Us


From internationally renowned racing series such as Formula 1 to regionally prominent series like the Asian Le Mans Series, racing continues to be a favorite sport for millions to follow.

48 year-old Project Manager Boigie Monroe, hailing from Manitouwadge loved watching the documentary “Formula 1: Drive to Survive”. Took a trip to the Three Sister Lanchashire race circuit to do what the professionals do for a brief moment and drives a Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe. I passionately follow the king of motorsports, F1 racing. I regularly read up on racing and their behind the scences which keep me and my team locked into reporting on various topics to cover F1 racing sport and other motorsports news in our own format known as the manor auction.

Know Who We Are

Our History

The history of the company began in the mid 2010s when a young enthusiasts of F1 motorsports, I began a career in a different line of work but i always wanted to work with teams that can work on performance differentiators, such as innovating aero upgrades that will shave lap time or even transferring their racing technology to their road cars. Though working in an another field of work stagnanted my want for working in the racing industry but my drive to keep myself constantly aware of racing news kept me moving forward to build this F1 motorsports news and keep uptodate in preparation of sports cars – how the rebuilding of racing engines, body shells, suspensions and electronics is being worked on and most importantly the daily F1 motorsports news and what is done behind closed doors.


By reading a breif of my company, I hope you are interested in what we write about and are engrossed in reading our various opinions on the F1 motorsports industry. Keeping the burning fire of racing motorsports alive in the hearts of our readers and remembering always that we owe this to the sport, because the more drivers there are, the more series there will be and the more cars there will be on tracks.